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I heard the commercial and thought why not, I will try it out and make some money. Yeah right! It is a total scam. They send you the kit and about 2 days later Bam! They hit you with a 159.00 dollars in charges. Because I failed the test. There is no way to make money. All they will do is scam you out of money. Do not do it!!! There is no way they will allow you do the test correctly. Every time you will fail so they can charge you the retail... Read more

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I signed up for the free trial. Was told that I would have to complete saliva samples and answer survey questions or else I would be billed full amount. I cancelled all further automatic orders after 10 days wanting to see if the product worked. Did not have any problems with the cancellation. Continued using product (purchased on Amazon). People complain when they get billed as they are the ones that agreed to the automatic billing. Too lazy to... Read more

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100% FULL

Progene Test Study is a white collar scam, DONT PARTICIPATE! After receiving, following the directions very carefully and activating the already expired supplement for $.99 ($149.85 for study incompletion) on 11/9/15, they charged me full price on 11/27/15 for the supplement that DOES NOT WORK! They locked me out of the survey question, then stated I did not complete the study. Apparently, money is more important to them than proper results... Read more

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I signed up for the study that was supposed to be free of charge and actually paid $25 when completed. I received the package in about a week, spit into the collection tubes during the day and sent off to lab. started to take the pills the next day. Took pills continuously until they were gone. Spit in the second set of tubes and sent to the lab. Then I get charged $150. I Called them and they say that I didn't complete all the... Read more

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  • Progene
  • Aug 23, 2015
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have had no problems with progene whatsoever,i have been on them for some time,they sent me a free month supply and i have one of their nice shirts they sent with the progene..thanks for everything Add comment

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  • Progene
  • Jul 19, 2015
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why are you people paying $99. Costco and gnc are a lot cheaper and u buy it when u want. Add comment

Progene actually is a pretty complete set of the common items in the male enhancement universe. However, anyone with ED is a candidate for heart issues since the basis of ED for most is impaired circulation. None of these products should contain stimulants, but many do. In Progene's case they include guarana (5mg x 2), which should be removed. Quantities of other ingredients should be disclosed since they are not proprietary. Many of the... Read more

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I called Progene about their "Market Study". They told me that I would be sent a 30 day supply along with test strips. I would be required to take several surveys, submit them and would receive a $20 check at the end. I agreed and gave him my Credit Card number for the shipping. He then told me that if I did not complete the surveys that I would be charged $149 (the full retail amount). When I told him I did not want to participate anymore... Read more

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I have learned the hard way on these deals always read the terms and conditions before committing, it is much better than buying the product and then find the deal is not what you thought it was going to be, I learned the hard way and they should not allow you to buy unless you check or click that you read the terms and conditions, I did not buy this but I learned from other deals I have made, so read terms and conditions before purchase! I... Read more

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Took the "Progene Challenge" and did the free month, then happily paid the hundred bucks for two more months supply. Absolutely no benefit. I was contacted by one of the hard sell drones at Progene to get me to renew, told them absolutely not, as bloodwork reflected no benefit whatsoever after three months. Then they tried to sell me something else to measure serum testoterone, as "blood work can be completely inaccurate." Told them once... Read more

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