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In the beginning, I was very interested in completing this Progene study. In the end, I realize I was an *** to fall for their misleading test plan. I wish I had found and read the comments on this website before committing to Progene. I am a Chemical Engineer by profession, used to testing and lab procedures and processes. From the moment I received their test kit, it was very obvious that the instructions and the "circular" method they employ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 14
  • #865445

Missed a deadline by a few hours for the survey. They locked me out and charged me $150. Called customer service and no help. SCAM !!!! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE SURVEY. THEY WILL CHARGE YOU !!!

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 05
  • #860243

Signed up for the free study.... not sure why you people are having problems.. follow the simple instructions, do whats required and you will not be charged. They even call to make sure you understand what is required of you. Progene did nothing for me, but IWas not charged either. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS PEOPLE!

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 05
  • #860178

The ingredients in Progene saved my life. Any questions call 931-264-8716. Sincerely, Tommy L Mc Caleb Jr

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They get your credit card and your done, its a setup they get your CC on file and say everything is free or they will pay you and all you need to do is fill out results by a specific date, only problem they block it so you cant and they charge you. Call their number and all you will get is a nasty person Do not try or you will be paying This is nothing but a scam and they need to be stopped Call your attorney general tell them your facts, just... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 25
  • #853992

Bad, doesn't work. They charged me $160 for a one month supply. Horrible company i hope they all get a bad disease and have itching private parts. How do they sleep at night. *** bags

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I did the study. The instructions were repeated in more than one way. To understand, it requires care and dedication. I followed the instructions and at the end of the study I got: 1. Choice of $20 or a month's worth of Progene. I chose another month of Progene and they sent it to me. 2. I was not charged for the initial test or the additional Progene I got at the end. 3. I got before and after test results at no charge. I posted this review... Read more

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I heard the commercial and thought why not, I will try it out and make some money. Yeah right! It is a total scam. They send you the kit and about 2 days later Bam! They hit you with a 159.00 dollars in charges. Because I failed the test. There is no way to make money. All they will do is scam you out of money. Do not do it!!! There is no way they will allow you do the test correctly. Every time you will fail so they can charge you the retail... Read more

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I signed up for the free trial. Was told that I would have to complete saliva samples and answer survey questions or else I would be billed full amount. I cancelled all further automatic orders after 10 days wanting to see if the product worked. Did not have any problems with the cancellation. Continued using product (purchased on Amazon). People complain when they get billed as they are the ones that agreed to the automatic billing. Too lazy to... Read more

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Progene Test Study is a white collar scam, DONT PARTICIPATE! After receiving, following the directions very carefully and activating the already expired supplement for $.99 ($149.85 for study incompletion) on 11/9/15, they charged me full price on 11/27/15 for the supplement that DOES NOT WORK! They locked me out of the survey question, then stated I did not complete the study. Apparently, money is more important to them than proper results... Read more

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